1. publiccollectors:

    Today marks the anniversary of the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima by the United States.

    You can download a complete PDF of the 1981 book The Unforgettable Fire - Pictures Drawn By Atomic Bomb Survivors, at this link on Public Collectors’ website. It is one of the most deeply moving collections of drawings you will ever see.

    From the back cover: “The art in this book was a response to a request broadcast on a morning television program in Japan for drawings from atomic bomb survivors. The results were immediate. The television station was inundated with drawings. So powerful were the survivors’ desires to share their memories that they turned to whatever materials were at hand – pencils, crayons, watercolors, Magic Markers, colored pencils, India ink – and drew on the backs of calendars, advertisements, bills, or even the paper used to cover Japanese sliding doors. Some drew on the backs of children’s scribbled papers, probably those of their grandchildren.”

  2. Khoisan royalty at an EFF rally in Cape Town.

  3. Helen Zille, the head of the DA, being a ‘black woman’ while electioneering.

  6. Today saw the announcement that Chinese firm Shanghai Zendai is purchasing 1600 hectares of land in Modderfontein from explosives company AECI. The company plans a mixed-use development including an African theme park and 10 shopping centers, and the modern, utopia-themed residential units illustrated above.

  7. The legendary Rooivalk (Afrikaans for Red Kestrel) was finally deployed in a combat mission yesterday after 28 years of lead up. The helicopter fired on an M23 bunker in eastern DRC. The helicopter has its origins in the South African Border War (aka the Angolan Bush War) in the 80s, and is now finally being deployed by the ANC government. Apart from general interests in bringing peace to the region, South Africa has ambitions of creating a massive hydro-electric damn, which would send most of the electricity it generates south. Khulubuse Zuma has oil exploration rights in the region. 

    Defenceweb article on the deployment.

    Apparently UN management is impressed with the performance of the South African rotorcraft.”

  8. Revelations of US spying on Angela Merkel: German authorities suspect that the recently built US embassy near Brandenburg Gate is the base of spying operations. Infrared images reveal excessive amounts of energy being used in the embassy.

  9. scanzen:

    USA atomtámadó eszközök. Oktató plakát, c1965.

    Nuclear weapons of the United States. Hungarian poster, c1965.

  10. Mugabe in Germany.